Ubi Dubium artwork in progress

Well, for my first post it's only fitting to begin with current news...after over a year of thumbnail sketches scrawled on everything from post-it notes to paper napkins, the framework for my next major page was finally decided on and refined into a master drawing. In the six months or so since then, it's been my task to fill each and every one of the dozens of odd-shaped panels. This weekend the last of them was fitted into place, and it's finally time to get out the calfskin vellum. :) Will be sharing more photos of the work in progress soon, but for starters here's how the master plan looked in the earliest stage. As detail panels were added, I made small changes to the border, the serpent finials at the tops/bottoms of the letters, and to the bird's head at top. 

The Latin text itself is difficult to read due to the stylized Celtic letterforms, but it is a old Roman proverb, author unknown: "Ubi dubium, Ibi libertas" (where there is doubt, there is freedom). 

Ubi Dubium 1