Of the many Celtic Rennaissance artists working in America today, perhaps no one has come closer to reviving the art of the 8th century Irish monk than Celtic illuminator Michael Carroll.  Michael has spent many years researching and experimenting with the ancient methods and tools, gaining an intimate knowledge of the sublime decorated gospel pages of the Book of Kells.

"While most people look at the Book of Kells, I practically live and breathe the Book of Kells..."

Born and bred on the Southwest Side of Chicago, Michael studied for the priesthood at Quigley South and Niles College before receiving his BA in studio art from Loyola University of Chicago. Opting for an art career rather than the ministry, he worked as a freelance artist for many years before discovering the Book of Kells and realizing the possibility of reviving the art of the Celtic monks.

In 1999, he joined artists Cynthia Matyi, Steven O'Loughlin, Patrick Gallagher and Jen Delyth as a founding member of American Celtic, the first major group exhibition of Celtic art in the United States. They first toured the US from 2000 to 2006, and again in 2010-2013 for their tenth anniversary. Michael's work was also featured in London at the 2001 UK exhibit Celtic Art: An Exhibition of the Artform.  In 2015 Carroll received the IBAM Visual Arts Award (Irish Books, Arts and Music), and since 2018 has been Celtic Art instructor at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago.



Michael is happily married to fellow artist Shannon Carroll, and lives and works from his home studio in the suburbs of Chicago. He is also a musician in his spare time, playing blues piano and harmonica, as well as experimenting with odd assorted instruments such as folk harp, psaltery and tin whistle.  

Also an author and family genealogist, in 2009 Michael Carroll published an historical biography of his grandfather, followed by two collections of personal memoirs. Railroad Man, Meehall and The Trouble With Meehall are available at www.lulu.com.

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