As It Is In Heaven


As It Is In Heaven


Serigraph Print
9″ x 9″ Actual Image Size
Copyright 1998 Michael Carroll

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AS IT IS IN HEAVEN is an original design by Michael Carroll, based on a detail from his EIGHT-CIRCLE CROSS (1998). This work was designed, transferred to screen and printed entirely by hand and the paper treated with gouache by the artist in order to achieve an aged appearance.

The spiral is one of the primeval shapes of Nature, and can be seen in whirling storms, seashells, even in the coils of DNA, the very building blocks of life. The spiral is also one of the most ancient symbols in Celtic art, carved into standing stones since Neolithic times, and found at Newgrange in Ireland which dates to approximately 3000 BC. Spirals, especially grouped into threes (known as “triskeles”) must have had some religious significance for the ancients, although it is lost to us. Later in history, the early Christian monks would use the spiral as a symbol of the ever-changing, swirling Cosmos, all in motion revolving around the unmoving Creator at the centerpoint.

Each of these serigraphs is hand printed on individually painted pieces of parchment paper to give each print its own distinctive characteristics, and is signed by the artist.

Original Artwork created in the style of the Book of Kells
Hand treated paper recreates the look of ancient parchment
Hand-printed and signed by the artist
Open Edition