Celtic Cross I


Celtic Cross I


Lino Block Print
5″ x 7″ Actual Image Size
Copyright 1998 Michael Carroll

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CELTIC CROSS I is an original design by Michael Carroll. Classic Celtic knotwork patterns form the base and shaft of this Cross, while the distinctive wheel shape of the ancient High Crosses is here given a more modern, open treatment.

The design was transferred and carved into the printing block by the artist, and the parchment paper treated with gouache to create an aged appearance. Each is inked and printed entirely by hand, and is signed by the artist. Please note every lino print has its own individual characteristics and will vary slightly in color and line as they are printed on hand treated parchment paper.

Original Artwork created in the style of the Book of Kells
Hand treated paper recreates the look of ancient parchment
Printed and signed by the artist
Open edition